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Floating Lanterns Perfect for any Occasion

Floating Lanterns are best known as Floating Water Lanterns or Sky Lanterns these unique Chinese lanterns originate from China both Floating Lanterns and Sky Lanterns are no longer unique to China and have become commonly used all over the world for all celebrations especially weddings. Floating Lanterns are a spectacular feature on any pond, pool, lake, moat or river and are fully reusable and Biodegradable

Floating Lanterns like Sky Lanterns are Ideal for writing your wishes on for all occasions including Birthdays and Weddings, Also a beautiful way to say goodbye to loved ones. Floating water lanterns and the Sky Lanterns create a calming and relaxing atmosphere

Floating Lanterns and Sky Lanterns are Fully Biodegradable, safe and simple to use. They are unique and able to travel vast distances. Celebrate in style and make any occasion unique with Floating Water Lanterns & Sky Lanterns a must for every event. Available Online at

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