Beware Of Cheap Chinese Lanterns

Beware of Cheap LanternsFirstly we are well aware there are cheaper Chinese Lanterns for you , the consumer to purchase.

These Lanterns can be dangerous for the reasons listed below.
  • The wicks are usually glycerine based and drip which can be very dangerous if you are looking up as your lantern floats away.
  • They may not be fire retardant which means the lantern could catch fire.
  • The instructions inside are usually basic and not nearly detailed enough to avoid the hazards that can come with using a Chinese lantern if not used correctly.
  • The wick is often too close to the lantern ,causing it to burn the paper.
  • The packaging is also a problem as they do not contain anti moisture packets. These lanterns can therefore be damp when lit which creates a problem when trying to launch them.

Finally we have made this information available to you so you are able to make an informed choice about the Sky Lanterns you purchase.

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