Sky Lanterns for all occasions

Sky Lanterns are perfect for so many occasions but what are they?  Basically they look like small hot air balloons made of paper.  They keep their shape by being put over a frame – often made of bamboo.  There is a fuel cell attached at the bottom and when this is lit, the hot air created causes the Sky Lantern to raise up into the sky.

Sky Lanterns have been popular for a number of years now and the variety on offer is never ending.  All colours to match any theme for a wedding, party, BBQ or Christening.  With festival season upon us, smiley face Sky Lanterns fit the bill perfectly.

Our original Keep Calm and Carry on lanterns would be perfect to help teenagers express feelings about the exams they are sitting and our Union Jack Sky Lanterns could send good luck to Andy Murray this year at Wimbledon.

Why not celebrate the birth of a baby with a Sky Lantern saying Its a Girl/Its a boy!  That has got to be the most unusual gift new parents can receive!

Whichever you choose, light, watch and enjoy.

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Roll on the weekend – perfect for Sky Lanterns

At last the weather is set to change and we are due a fantastic few days of sun, leading to a warm weekend.  What better way to celebrate the arrival of the sun than with good friends, good food, good wine – and of course a Sky Lantern display to wow your guests and send them away with a lasting memory.

As the sun sets and the BBQ is ending, give each guest a white Sky Lantern and let them write a message on their lantern.  Then, when everyone is ready, light them and let them off together.  The sight will be spectacular and will silence everyone as they can do nothing but stand and watch as the lanterns disappear into the night sky.

An alternative idea would be to give guests a coloured lantern – either a multitude of colours for each to choose their favourite, or a colour of your choice, maybe your favourite, or to match a theme of napkins, garden decoration or flowers.  Either way, you will create a magical evening with an unforgettable experience for your friends and family to take away.

Who knows – you could find yourself doing the same in their garden one day soon!

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A magical Bank Holiday Weekend

This Easter weekend saw some hot weather and I happened to attend a 30th Birthday bash which ended with a sky lantern display which is one of the best I have seen so far this year.  As the sun went down and the music was turned up, the host gave everyone a Sky Lantern to release in honour of his birthday.  The sight of nearly one hundred lanterns floating gracefully away in the night sky was enchanting.  Lots of guests wrote birthday wishes on their Sky Lanterns to make it personal to our friend and to ensure a happy and prosperous year for him.

The children present couldn’t believe their eyes when confronted with the magical scene, and the hush that went around the guests was noticeable as everyone could not look away from the incredible vision they were seeing before them.

The birthday boy chose white Sky Lanterns for his party, but why not buy a different colour for your event.  Red Lanterns look stunning.  Or choose a colour to match your wedding colour, as we are fast approaching wedding season.

However you choose to use them, Sky Lanterns will enhance your party and make sure everyone goes home with a smile on their face.

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Just Watched Tangled!

Have you seen the fantastic scene in Tangled where sky lanterns are being released?  It made me think again about the wonder and appeal of these beautiful items.  With films such as this one, sky lanterns are becoming more and more popular and I thought I would look at why it is such a good idea to use them.

As sky lanterns are thought to bring good luck, they are synonymous with weddings.  If your lantern is in the sky and gradually disappears from sight, your wish will be granted.  So a bride and groom releasing lanterns together will be a sure sign of happiness.

Alternatively give each guest at your wedding, family gathering or christening a sky lantern of their own to light and release.  Everyone will love the sight and will feel involved with the event.

Think about what colour sky lantern to use for the type of event your are organising.  Of course white is traditional and serene, but a coloured lantern could compliment the wedding colours or be pink or blue for a baby’s christening.  Some people prefer a variety of colours and lets guests choose themselves.

However you choose to use sky lanterns you and your guests will be in for a treat and an unforgettable experience.

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Candle Bags for those longer evenings

What is a Candle Bag? I recently found them and they are gorgeous, great fun and very safe to use, and now the evenings are getting longer again I will be using them often. When you received your candle bags you truly wonder what you have bought – a folded bag made of paper?  But these are no ordinary bags.  You open them out, pop a tea light candle, or LED light in them and then you put them out to decorate.  Candle Bags in the house are great – on the dining table, around the mantlepiece, on the windowsill, around the christmas tree!  The options are endless.  But they are even better outside.  Line your driveway or path with Candle Bags for a beautiful effect no one will forget, or decorate the garden and garden furniture at your next BBQ or garden party.  To make them stable, line them with sand or small pebbles and then don’t worry about them again.  When you have finished your evening, empty them, fold them back up and use them again next time.

The designs to choose from are pretty too.  From hearts to stars, doves to spots, you will find a Candle Bag to suit your event.  There are different colours and sizes to choose from too.  Use different sizes for your garden – small ones on the tables and larger ones on the ground.  Use assorted colours or stick with one colour – choices are endless.

I am so glad I have discovered Candle Bags and there many uses.  I will be using them time and time again for years.

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Sky Lanterns for any occasion

Have you heard about SkyLanterns?  I was lucky enough to see some in Thailand recently and couldn’t believe the magical sight of hundreds of SkyLanterns floating off into the distance.  When I got home I gathered as many friends and family as I could to re-create this wonderful sight.  The effect was amazing and with the warm weather coming I am sure I will be seeing more SkyLanterns helping people celebrate all kinds of events from weddings to birthdays.  Or just for fun!  SkyLanterns come in so many colours you can choose a colour to match the scheme of your party or wedding, or just stick to white, which suits any occasion.  Get friends and family to write messages to personalise the lanterns and then enjoy watching them disappear.  However you choose to use them you are in for a treat!

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Why not Celebrate with Balloominate ?

There is a fantastic new type of balloon on the market which will transform any party or gathering and will have friends wanting to know where they can get them for their next party.  These amazing balloons, or Balloominate to give them their proper title, can be filled with air or helium which is what you do with any balloon.  However, these balloons have a unique LED light unit inside which turns this balloon into a magical colour changing, flashing balloon which will last up to 24 hours.  At a party, fill the light up balloons with helium and let them cover the ceiling, or tie in bunches and space around your room – you will never need disco lights again with a room full of balloominate balloons.  These unique balloons come in a variety of colours – white, yellow, blue, red and green or you can buy a mixed pack.  Once the LED unit starts to flash you will have every colour imaginable from one balloon as the LED unit constantly changes colour – to the delight of children and adults alike.  Buy in packs of 5 for a special occasion or just to add some magic to your home.  Why not celebrate with Balloominate?

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Candle Bags and Floating Lanterns

Candle Bags and Floating Lanterns are a fantastic way of lighting your garden on a warm, dry summer evening – and we have got to be due some of those soon.  Candle Bags are a reusable, flame retardant, 100% biodegradable bag which you put a tea light into.  Stand them in the garden – around a water feature, lining a path, around the outdoor table and chairs at a BBQ – they will make any area special.  Weigh the bags down with sand or small pebbles and be creative!  There are different designs available – fireworks, doves and hearts, stars and hearts – all perfect for different occasions.

If the weather continues to be wet use these wonderful Candle Bags in the home!  You will be the envy of all your friends when they see how individual your home looks with Candle Bags on every available surface.

If we do at last have a summer try using Floating Lanterns on your pond.  You can guarantee your friends will not have seen these beautiful, elegant lanterns watching as they effortlessly float around.  They are easy to set up and will be talking point for weeks  to come among friends and family.

Whatever the occasion, Sky Lantern products can make your event individual and memorable.

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Union Jack Lanterns were in the Sky for the Jubilee

So how many Union Jack Sky Lanterns or Chinese Lanterns did you see?  I saw hundredsbeing released late into the evening on every day of the long bank holiday weekend.  Along with White, Red and Blue Sky Lanterns, the Union Jack Sky Lanterns looked spectacular and so patriotic.

Union Jack Lanterns are new this year and add to the collection of varied Sky Lanterns that are available.  As well as the normal coloured Sky Lanterns and Union Jack Lanterns, there are Sky Lanterns with hearts and that say ‘I Love You’, football and smiley face Lanterns, Happy Anniversary Lanterns and Lanterns for the birth of a new baby and the brand new and very english ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ Sky Lantern.  Have a BBQ, invite loads of people and see their reaction to this new, original Sky Lantern!  If nothing else it will make them laugh and the host can relax knowing friends and family are having a good time!

If you have set off enough Sky Lanterns over the Jubilee Weekend, fill your garden or home with Candle Bags instead.  Safe and reusable, choose from different designs such as firework, star, heart or heart and dove and make your home the most atmospheric in the street full of glowing Candle Bags to create a soothing effect.  How many of your friends will copy you for their next social event? I know I use Candle Bags for that very reason – I saw them in someone’s garden and had to have them myself.  So be the one to create the trend and buy them when you next order your Sky Lanterns.

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The Jubilee Weekend is here!

The much anticipated Jubilee Weekend – 4 day weekend at that – is here and I for one have got a bundle of Sky Lanterns ready to light to make the weekend one to remember.

On Sunday the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant takes place and will be a sight to see with historic boats, leisure boats, working boats and passenger boats all travelling up the Thames in procession.  The rowed and paddled boats will head the flotilla with the motorised vessels behind them.  At St Katharine Docks will be an Avenue of Sail for those vessels that are too large to under the Thames bridges.

After this fantastic event myself, along with friends and family will be releasing Union Jack Sky Lanterns and watching with a glass of wine as they gently float upwards into the evening sky on what promises to be a mild, dry evening.  The garden will be littered with Candle Bags to create a magical atmosphere and once the Union Jack SkyLanterns have been released it will time for a BBQ!

SkyLanterns make every event special and are always a talking point between friends and family who often only get to meet up on these special occasions.  So whatever event you have organised or are attending for The Jubilee, have your ChineseLanterns ready to light up the night sky.

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