Wholesale Sky Lanterns

The wholesale trade in sky lanterns is now a very competitive market both on the internet and in shops. Some shops may stock only a small number of sky lanterns and sell a small number each year. Other larger stores may continually be selling sky lanterns and therefore continually looking for companies selling sky lanterns on a wholesale basis. Only a few years ago companies selling sky lanterns were hard to find – now it is hard to know which company to use to buy trade lanterns from as the quality of the sky lanterns can vary considerably. Wholesale sky lanterns need to be high quality in order to be reliable and easy to use, and of course should be wire free so safer to animals and the environment. Companies need to select very carefully which wholesale supplier to use and should always have samples of the sky lanterns available to make sure they are high quality. It is very obvious when using sky lanterns which are good quality and which are not. It is the responsibility of the wholesale supplier to give accurate information about the sky lanterns they sell.

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  1. Carol Cullen says:

    To the Sky Lantern team

    Just thought you would like to know the Sky Lanterns purchased for our Daughters wedding made a brilliant day just magical. The effect was amazing, and left many of our guests speechless at the beautiful spectacle.
    Many thanks Carol and Michael Cullen.

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