Candle Bags

Our candle bags are a really popular item.  We supply companies and individuals in the UK and all over Europe with our candle bags which come in 4 different designs.  The firework candle bag is one of the most popular with its pretty pattern which lights up once a candle is put into the candle bag.  The heart candle bag is lovely and ideal for weddings and engagement parties.  The star candle bag is ideal for any evening venue and the dove and heart candle bag is very romantic.  The uses for candle bags are incredibly varied: when having a dinner party put candle bags in the garden where guests can see them out of the window, put them around the house in place of your usual candles, line your driveway with candle bags, create a pattern of candle bags around your BBQ area.  The places and events you can use candle bags are endless.

Once a candle is placed into the candle bag it really does come alive and can make any garden or house look very atmospheric.  If lots are put out together the effect is amazing and beautiful.  Your garden comes alive with the glow from rows of candle bags and they can be used many times as they are flame retardant.

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