The Most Romantic Month of the Year

It is February again and what better way to tell that special person in your life how much you love them than with a Sky Lantern.  Choose from an ‘I Love You’ message Sky Lantern which will float gently up in the night sky, and send your thoughts and wishes for your future together with the Sky Lantern.

A Red Sky Lantern is another obvious choice, and a dramatic gesture for your loved one.  Have two ready to represent your intertwined lives and light them one after the other so they can be set free together in the night sky above you and you can watch until they disappear.

White Sky Lanterns with big red hearts are another Sky Lantern perfectly suited to Valentines day.  Surprise your loved one after a romantic meal and watch the Sky Lanterns float away as you enjoy wine and chocolates together.

Don’t forget to use Candle Bags – there is a perfect one with hearts on.  Make your evening even more memorable by having them outside with tea lights in when you set off your Sky Lantern.

Sky Lanterns and Candle Bags can make this Valentines Day the most romantic ever, and a tradition you create to use every year.

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