Summer is approaching

Summer evenings to me mean one thing – with friends, releasing Sky Lanterns.  I love these!  There is no other sight I would rather see than Sky Lanterns filling the sky, floating gently away taking my worries and troubles too!

Sky Lanterns were first used in China as signalling devices and were probably like mini hot air balloons.  Later Sky Lanterns were used in festivals alongside fireworks to cast away worries and problems, or to celebrate a wedding or birth.  Sky Lanterns are now used all year round for all types of events and celebrations.

Good quality Sky Lanterns are made of thick paper.  Bamboo should be used to create the shape and a wick should be attached already.  The paper used should be flame retardant so the Lantern will be able to fly further and will be safer to use.   Sky Lanterns should be easy to light and reliable everytime.  Cheaper Sky Lanterns will not be so reliable and will feel thin and flimsy.   Buying cheap  Sky Lanterns will mean a disappointed audience as these will often not light or fly.  Avoid Sky Lanterns that have wire in them as these are obviously not biodegradable and should never be used.

Turn an ordinary evening into something magical and different by using Sky Lanterns – one for each guest to send floating away along with their worries, problems or indeed wishes for the future or to encourage good luck in the future.

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