Sky Lanterns for the Jubilee and Olympics

There are so many occasions where Sky Lanterns are perfect and this year there are two new fantastic opportunities to use them.  Also there are new Sky Lanterns especially for the job!

A Union Jack Sky Lantern for the Jubilee year is a great idea.  Show your patriotism by hosting a gathering and launching these spectacular new Sky Lanterns covered in our national flag.  They will create the perfect atmosphere for a special evening and will be a talking point for weeks after.  Mix in with some coloured Sky Lanterns – red, white and blue of course to make the display even more special.

Next, of course, is the Olympics, when again you can use Union Jack Sky Lanterns to show your support for all the sportsmen and women competing for our country.  Invite friends to a garden party to watch the finals and release Union Jack Sky Lanterns throughout the day and evening.

Also new and great fun are Keep Calm and Carry On Sky Lanterns.  Uses for these Sky Lanterns are endless with this saying which is now seen in shops and homes across the country.  What a great Sky Lantern to release at someones milestone birthday, Wedding, Engagement or house party.

Be the talking point amongst your friends with these fun and individual Sky Lanterns.

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