Chinese Lanterns for the Wedding season

It is the time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to weddings.  There is no better way to make that special day even more memorable than with Chinese Lanterns.  The newlyweds can send a pair of Chinese Lanterns into the sky together with their friends and family watching.  In Asia this is considered good luck and the yellow flame visible in the night sky symbolizes wisdom and is thought to help keep the newly married couple on the right path for their life ahead.

After this magical event the rest of the guests can have fun letting off Chinese Lanterns themselves.  What a wonderful and unusual scene to see hundred of Chinese Lanterns floating gently up in the sky with people gathered underneath toasting the happy couple.

Chinese Lanterns for weddings are traditionally white, but choose a colour to match your wedding theme, or a selection of colours work equally as well.  The newlyweds will of course have to have ‘I Love You’ or heart lanterns for their joint release.

Whatever Chinese Lanterns you choose, they will set your wedding apart from others and make it a talking point for weeks to come.  And of course wait until the first anniversary and have an evening launching Chinese Lanterns and reminiscing over the past year!

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