The Jubilee Weekend is here!

The much anticipated Jubilee Weekend – 4 day weekend at that – is here and I for one have got a bundle of Sky Lanterns ready to light to make the weekend one to remember.

On Sunday the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant takes place and will be a sight to see with historic boats, leisure boats, working boats and passenger boats all travelling up the Thames in procession.  The rowed and paddled boats will head the flotilla with the motorised vessels behind them.  At St Katharine Docks will be an Avenue of Sail for those vessels that are too large to under the Thames bridges.

After this fantastic event myself, along with friends and family will be releasing Union Jack Sky Lanterns and watching with a glass of wine as they gently float upwards into the evening sky on what promises to be a mild, dry evening.  The garden will be littered with Candle Bags to create a magical atmosphere and once the Union Jack SkyLanterns have been released it will time for a BBQ!

SkyLanterns make every event special and are always a talking point between friends and family who often only get to meet up on these special occasions.  So whatever event you have organised or are attending for The Jubilee, have your ChineseLanterns ready to light up the night sky.

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