Union Jack Lanterns were in the Sky for the Jubilee

So how many Union Jack Sky Lanterns or Chinese Lanterns did you see?  I saw hundredsbeing released late into the evening on every day of the long bank holiday weekend.  Along with White, Red and Blue Sky Lanterns, the Union Jack Sky Lanterns looked spectacular and so patriotic.

Union Jack Lanterns are new this year and add to the collection of varied Sky Lanterns that are available.  As well as the normal coloured Sky Lanterns and Union Jack Lanterns, there are Sky Lanterns with hearts and that say ‘I Love You’, football and smiley face Lanterns, Happy Anniversary Lanterns and Lanterns for the birth of a new baby and the brand new and very english ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ Sky Lantern.  Have a BBQ, invite loads of people and see their reaction to this new, original Sky Lantern!  If nothing else it will make them laugh and the host can relax knowing friends and family are having a good time!

If you have set off enough Sky Lanterns over the Jubilee Weekend, fill your garden or home with Candle Bags instead.  Safe and reusable, choose from different designs such as firework, star, heart or heart and dove and make your home the most atmospheric in the street full of glowing Candle Bags to create a soothing effect.  How many of your friends will copy you for their next social event? I know I use Candle Bags for that very reason – I saw them in someone’s garden and had to have them myself.  So be the one to create the trend and buy them when you next order your Sky Lanterns.

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