Candle Bags and Floating Lanterns

Candle Bags and Floating Lanterns are a fantastic way of lighting your garden on a warm, dry summer evening – and we have got to be due some of those soon.  Candle Bags are a reusable, flame retardant, 100% biodegradable bag which you put a tea light into.  Stand them in the garden – around a water feature, lining a path, around the outdoor table and chairs at a BBQ – they will make any area special.  Weigh the bags down with sand or small pebbles and be creative!  There are different designs available – fireworks, doves and hearts, stars and hearts – all perfect for different occasions.

If the weather continues to be wet use these wonderful Candle Bags in the home!  You will be the envy of all your friends when they see how individual your home looks with Candle Bags on every available surface.

If we do at last have a summer try using Floating Lanterns on your pond.  You can guarantee your friends will not have seen these beautiful, elegant lanterns watching as they effortlessly float around.  They are easy to set up and will be talking point for weeks  to come among friends and family.

Whatever the occasion, Sky Lantern products can make your event individual and memorable.

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