Why not Celebrate with Balloominate ?

There is a fantastic new type of balloon on the market which will transform any party or gathering and will have friends wanting to know where they can get them for their next party.  These amazing balloons, or Balloominate to give them their proper title, can be filled with air or helium which is what you do with any balloon.  However, these balloons have a unique LED light unit inside which turns this balloon into a magical colour changing, flashing balloon which will last up to 24 hours.  At a party, fill the light up balloons with helium and let them cover the ceiling, or tie in bunches and space around your room – you will never need disco lights again with a room full of balloominate balloons.  These unique balloons come in a variety of colours – white, yellow, blue, red and green or you can buy a mixed pack.  Once the LED unit starts to flash you will have every colour imaginable from one balloon as the LED unit constantly changes colour – to the delight of children and adults alike.  Buy in packs of 5 for a special occasion or just to add some magic to your home.  Why not celebrate with Balloominate?

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