Candle Bags for those longer evenings

What is a Candle Bag? I recently found them and they are gorgeous, great fun and very safe to use, and now the evenings are getting longer again I will be using them often. When you received your candle bags you truly wonder what you have bought – a folded bag made of paper?  But these are no ordinary bags.  You open them out, pop a tea light candle, or LED light in them and then you put them out to decorate.  Candle Bags in the house are great – on the dining table, around the mantlepiece, on the windowsill, around the christmas tree!  The options are endless.  But they are even better outside.  Line your driveway or path with Candle Bags for a beautiful effect no one will forget, or decorate the garden and garden furniture at your next BBQ or garden party.  To make them stable, line them with sand or small pebbles and then don’t worry about them again.  When you have finished your evening, empty them, fold them back up and use them again next time.

The designs to choose from are pretty too.  From hearts to stars, doves to spots, you will find a Candle Bag to suit your event.  There are different colours and sizes to choose from too.  Use different sizes for your garden – small ones on the tables and larger ones on the ground.  Use assorted colours or stick with one colour – choices are endless.

I am so glad I have discovered Candle Bags and there many uses.  I will be using them time and time again for years.

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