Just Watched Tangled!

Have you seen the fantastic scene in Tangled where sky lanterns are being released?  It made me think again about the wonder and appeal of these beautiful items.  With films such as this one, sky lanterns are becoming more and more popular and I thought I would look at why it is such a good idea to use them.

As sky lanterns are thought to bring good luck, they are synonymous with weddings.  If your lantern is in the sky and gradually disappears from sight, your wish will be granted.  So a bride and groom releasing lanterns together will be a sure sign of happiness.

Alternatively give each guest at your wedding, family gathering or christening a sky lantern of their own to light and release.  Everyone will love the sight and will feel involved with the event.

Think about what colour sky lantern to use for the type of event your are organising.  Of course white is traditional and serene, but a coloured lantern could compliment the wedding colours or be pink or blue for a baby’s christening.  Some people prefer a variety of colours and lets guests choose themselves.

However you choose to use sky lanterns you and your guests will be in for a treat and an unforgettable experience.

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