Roll on the weekend – perfect for Sky Lanterns

At last the weather is set to change and we are due a fantastic few days of sun, leading to a warm weekend.  What better way to celebrate the arrival of the sun than with good friends, good food, good wine – and of course a Sky Lantern display to wow your guests and send them away with a lasting memory.

As the sun sets and the BBQ is ending, give each guest a white Sky Lantern and let them write a message on their lantern.  Then, when everyone is ready, light them and let them off together.  The sight will be spectacular and will silence everyone as they can do nothing but stand and watch as the lanterns disappear into the night sky.

An alternative idea would be to give guests a coloured lantern – either a multitude of colours for each to choose their favourite, or a colour of your choice, maybe your favourite, or to match a theme of napkins, garden decoration or flowers.  Either way, you will create a magical evening with an unforgettable experience for your friends and family to take away.

Who knows – you could find yourself doing the same in their garden one day soon!

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