Sky Lanterns for all occasions

Sky Lanterns are perfect for so many occasions but what are they?  Basically they look like small hot air balloons made of paper.  They keep their shape by being put over a frame – often made of bamboo.  There is a fuel cell attached at the bottom and when this is lit, the hot air created causes the Sky Lantern to raise up into the sky.

Sky Lanterns have been popular for a number of years now and the variety on offer is never ending.  All colours to match any theme for a wedding, party, BBQ or Christening.  With festival season upon us, smiley face Sky Lanterns fit the bill perfectly.

Our original Keep Calm and Carry on lanterns would be perfect to help teenagers express feelings about the exams they are sitting and our Union Jack Sky Lanterns could send good luck to Andy Murray this year at Wimbledon.

Why not celebrate the birth of a baby with a Sky Lantern saying Its a Girl/Its a boy!  That has got to be the most unusual gift new parents can receive!

Whichever you choose, light, watch and enjoy.

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