Chinese Lanterns for the Wedding season

It is the time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to weddings.  There is no better way to make that special day even more memorable than with Chinese Lanterns.  The newlyweds can send a pair of Chinese Lanterns into the sky together with their friends and family watching.  In Asia this is considered good luck and the yellow flame visible in the night sky symbolizes wisdom and is thought to help keep the newly married couple on the right path for their life ahead.

After this magical event the rest of the guests can have fun letting off Chinese Lanterns themselves.  What a wonderful and unusual scene to see hundred of Chinese Lanterns floating gently up in the sky with people gathered underneath toasting the happy couple.

Chinese Lanterns for weddings are traditionally white, but choose a colour to match your wedding theme, or a selection of colours work equally as well.  The newlyweds will of course have to have ‘I Love You’ or heart lanterns for their joint release.

Whatever Chinese Lanterns you choose, they will set your wedding apart from others and make it a talking point for weeks to come.  And of course wait until the first anniversary and have an evening launching Chinese Lanterns and reminiscing over the past year!

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Sky Lanterns for the Jubilee and Olympics

There are so many occasions where Sky Lanterns are perfect and this year there are two new fantastic opportunities to use them.  Also there are new Sky Lanterns especially for the job!

A Union Jack Sky Lantern for the Jubilee year is a great idea.  Show your patriotism by hosting a gathering and launching these spectacular new Sky Lanterns covered in our national flag.  They will create the perfect atmosphere for a special evening and will be a talking point for weeks after.  Mix in with some coloured Sky Lanterns – red, white and blue of course to make the display even more special.

Next, of course, is the Olympics, when again you can use Union Jack Sky Lanterns to show your support for all the sportsmen and women competing for our country.  Invite friends to a garden party to watch the finals and release Union Jack Sky Lanterns throughout the day and evening.

Also new and great fun are Keep Calm and Carry On Sky Lanterns.  Uses for these Sky Lanterns are endless with this saying which is now seen in shops and homes across the country.  What a great Sky Lantern to release at someones milestone birthday, Wedding, Engagement or house party.

Be the talking point amongst your friends with these fun and individual Sky Lanterns.

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Summer is approaching

Summer evenings to me mean one thing – with friends, releasing Sky Lanterns.  I love these!  There is no other sight I would rather see than Sky Lanterns filling the sky, floating gently away taking my worries and troubles too!

Sky Lanterns were first used in China as signalling devices and were probably like mini hot air balloons.  Later Sky Lanterns were used in festivals alongside fireworks to cast away worries and problems, or to celebrate a wedding or birth.  Sky Lanterns are now used all year round for all types of events and celebrations.

Good quality Sky Lanterns are made of thick paper.  Bamboo should be used to create the shape and a wick should be attached already.  The paper used should be flame retardant so the Lantern will be able to fly further and will be safer to use.   Sky Lanterns should be easy to light and reliable everytime.  Cheaper Sky Lanterns will not be so reliable and will feel thin and flimsy.   Buying cheap  Sky Lanterns will mean a disappointed audience as these will often not light or fly.  Avoid Sky Lanterns that have wire in them as these are obviously not biodegradable and should never be used.

Turn an ordinary evening into something magical and different by using Sky Lanterns – one for each guest to send floating away along with their worries, problems or indeed wishes for the future or to encourage good luck in the future.

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The Most Romantic Month of the Year

It is February again and what better way to tell that special person in your life how much you love them than with a Sky Lantern.  Choose from an ‘I Love You’ message Sky Lantern which will float gently up in the night sky, and send your thoughts and wishes for your future together with the Sky Lantern.

A Red Sky Lantern is another obvious choice, and a dramatic gesture for your loved one.  Have two ready to represent your intertwined lives and light them one after the other so they can be set free together in the night sky above you and you can watch until they disappear.

White Sky Lanterns with big red hearts are another Sky Lantern perfectly suited to Valentines day.  Surprise your loved one after a romantic meal and watch the Sky Lanterns float away as you enjoy wine and chocolates together.

Don’t forget to use Candle Bags – there is a perfect one with hearts on.  Make your evening even more memorable by having them outside with tea lights in when you set off your Sky Lantern.

Sky Lanterns and Candle Bags can make this Valentines Day the most romantic ever, and a tradition you create to use every year.

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Lightlaces are a brand new, exciting  product. Lightlaces easily attach to your shoes but make them stand out from the crowd.  The laces are used as normal laces and are then threaded through the unit that contains the batteries. Lightlaces can then be set to flash quickly or slowly or to be constantly on, and on a dark night will look brilliant.

Lightlaces come in three colours: red, blue and green. Lightlaces are a great price and will make a fantastic present for any child or young at heart adult.  They will fit all shoes and can be cut to fit smaller shoes.

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Candle Bags

Our candle bags are a really popular item.  We supply companies and individuals in the UK and all over Europe with our candle bags which come in 4 different designs.  The firework candle bag is one of the most popular with its pretty pattern which lights up once a candle is put into the candle bag.  The heart candle bag is lovely and ideal for weddings and engagement parties.  The star candle bag is ideal for any evening venue and the dove and heart candle bag is very romantic.  The uses for candle bags are incredibly varied: when having a dinner party put candle bags in the garden where guests can see them out of the window, put them around the house in place of your usual candles, line your driveway with candle bags, create a pattern of candle bags around your BBQ area.  The places and events you can use candle bags are endless.

Once a candle is placed into the candle bag it really does come alive and can make any garden or house look very atmospheric.  If lots are put out together the effect is amazing and beautiful.  Your garden comes alive with the glow from rows of candle bags and they can be used many times as they are flame retardant.

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Wholesale Sky Lanterns

The wholesale trade in sky lanterns is now a very competitive market both on the internet and in shops. Some shops may stock only a small number of sky lanterns and sell a small number each year. Other larger stores may continually be selling sky lanterns and therefore continually looking for companies selling sky lanterns on a wholesale basis. Only a few years ago companies selling sky lanterns were hard to find – now it is hard to know which company to use to buy trade lanterns from as the quality of the sky lanterns can vary considerably. Wholesale sky lanterns need to be high quality in order to be reliable and easy to use, and of course should be wire free so safer to animals and the environment. Companies need to select very carefully which wholesale supplier to use and should always have samples of the sky lanterns available to make sure they are high quality. It is very obvious when using sky lanterns which are good quality and which are not. It is the responsibility of the wholesale supplier to give accurate information about the sky lanterns they sell.

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