Sky Lanterns date back hundreds of years, when armies employed them as signalling devices and later were adopted by common folk, who used them to convey their wishes to heaven.

Sky Lanterns are thought to guide your ancestral spirits back to you, bringing with them, their wisdom and guidance.

Locals believe that the launching of Khoom Loy (Sky Lanterns) into the sky would rid them of all their troubles. Moreover, if the lanterns are offered to monks, they will receive wisdom in return as the flame in the lantern is said to symbolize knowledge, and the light will guide them to the right path for their lives.

If these lanna style balloons, which are made with mulberry paper and bamboo frame rise high and reveal far, it indicates prosperity. It is thought they could rise as high as 1.250 metres, and to travel vast distances.

The local folk in Asia believe that as the Sky Lantern rise, it takes away their troubles and brings good luck in the future.

The western world is now embracing Sky Lanterns and not just for the ambience it is able to create for any given occasion but also because of what releasing a Sky lanterns symbolises.