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Hi there ordered 15 of the daylight sky lanterns by phone on Thursday afternoon and got them Friday morning. Just wanted to say what brilliant service. I will be buying some more in future with service like that. Many thanks Mish.


Hi guys just wanted to say thank you for the lanterns we had at our wedding which turned out to be a HUGE hit. It was a bit breezy early in the day and we were a bit doubtful if we would be able to use them, but on the stroke of midnight, the wind died and it was perfect. They were stunning. A beautiful addition to the day which we released to Bjork and will be a remembered for a long time. All the guests loved them and we have some stunning pictures back. Seems to be a spate of weddings coming up in the village and they have all asked about them so get stocked up!! Thanks again Tim and Cathy

Tim and Cathy

Hi there, thank you very much for the fast delivery of my ordered sky lanterns. Victoria Bruschke

Victoria Bruschke

Thank you so much! I purchased some sky lanterns for my son's wedding. Just before the bride and groom left the best man (my other son) set the sky lanterns up and we started to let them go. What a magical moment. Everyone was still talking about them the next morning. A fantastic end to a wonderful day. I shall definitely be buying more from you. Thank you

Sue Merrell

Thank you for your excellent delivery time and we had a small house party of 30ish excellent food which took me 4 days to prepare & cook £150.00 of big fireworks and 1 Sky lantern per couple Guess what everyone is talking SKY LANTERNS thank you we live in the middle of a field miles from anywhere so the effect was fantastic well worth the money for anyone who is wondering


Dear Skylanterns, I received the box today and am very pleased. Thank you very much for your kind gesture of the heart skylantern, it was a lovely thought. Thank you for sorting out my order and for dealing with it all very quickly and easily. Kindest Regards, Selina


Dear Grant, Happy New Year. Just to say Thank You for sending the 15 sky lanterns so quickly to me in time for the New Year Celebrations. We had a house party of 15 people ranging from children to old age pensioners. I asked everyone to write in felt pen their wishes for the New Year on their own lantern. I was surprised to see the children wrote paragraphs of wishes, and I thought the grown-ups would poo poo the whole idea but they definitely were very keen to list their wishes as well. It was great fun everyone took part in the excitement of lighting and making sure the lanterns were 'ready for takeoff' but to see them take to the sky was simply magical and so peaceful, everyone watched in awe. So having brought in the New Year, the lanterns were lit immediately afterwards and kept the momentum of the party atmosphere. We eventually finished our celebrations at 5am. Everyone said the best part of the party was his lanterns as they had never seen them before. I will definitely be o rdering more and I know all my friends will as well. Thank you. Vanessa Thomas.

Vanessa Thomas

Dear Sky Lanterns I wanted this to be the first thank you we write after our 75th anniversary conference in Cirencester! You made it possible for us at The British Society of Dowsers to release these gentle exquisite lanterns at our celebratory party on Saturday night. Strolling musicians including a didgeridoo player accompanied their release, as we each sent good intent out to the world. Indeed, our photographs look as though a new stellar constellation has been born! I have just been looking through feedback from delegates, and the absolute highlight by far was your lanterns. They also thrilled a couple who were celebrating their marriage at the same venue, as their guests could share in our joy. How magical! Heartfelt thanks Helen Lamb The British Society of Dowsers (from home as we're having a much needed rest today!!!)

Helen Lamb

Grant, Sorry it has taken me so long to write and thank you for all your help with the lanterns for my wedding - they were a massive hit and everything I hoped they'd be. You'll be pleased to know no one burnt themselves and no harm was done to the castle. The lanterns were so magical that I didn't notice that it was freezing! We made at least 6 Scottish papers due to the local residents thinking they were UFO's (which ironically is how I found out about you). The headlines were hilarious - 'Do UFO take this woman' etc I have attached a picture. Many thanks again for your patience - we will definitely recommend you to anyone and hope to have an excuse to buy some more lanterns in the future. Emily


I wanted something different at my party that would leave a lasting impression with my guests, and boy did I get it. Sky lanterns were amazing and totally out of this world, literally. All my guests got involved in releasing them and the effects were amazing. My friends still talk about how cool my party was. Omah


Dear Mr Barry We Recently Ordered and received 10-baby lantern's from you. I would just like to say thank you for providing such an excellent service and product. We received our goods promptly and in excellent condition, they were used at the weekend and they were wonderful, they made a special night even more amazing. Thank you. Yours Sincerely Becky Clarke

Becky Clarke

A friend of mine set off loads of these at his wedding, really stunning! It's like a sophisticated firework display!


Dear Grant & Team WOW! The lanterns were even more amazing than we could have imagined. Thank you so much for adding even more magic to our special day. We and our guest’s thoroughly enjoyed the display at Crabbs Barn. Thanks Again Vanessa & Ian Mallows

Vanessa & Ian Mallows

To Grant Thanks so much for making our wedding celebrations totally unforgettable. It was a spectacular sight that was remembered by all. Thank you. Jo & Tom

Jo & Tom

Thank you, what a lovely surprise my wife gave me on my birthday. Glowing lanterns rising up into the evening sky, I have never seen anything quite like it!!! Mr R Gregory

Mr R Gregory

Thank you so much for the lanterns; it was a moment to remember on my special anniversary. Carol Hughes

Carol Hughes

Got the lanterns! They were awesome! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile Simon


Sky People Thank for the Baby Lanterns, There Wicked, they out of this World. Cheers Andrew Summer

Andrew Summer

Many thanks for the lanterns which we launched last Saturday at our daughter's wedding. They were fantastic and mesmerised everyone - a great finale to the wedding. The DJ was so impressed he thought he would use them for future events so we gave him your website. Will definitely buy more for special occasions. Jim James

Jim James

Grant, the sky lanterns have caused quite a stir locally and now nationally. As I explained to you the other day (email 20 July) we had a front page article and picture in the Stratford Herald then today I was contacted by the Richard and Judy show to ask about the "UFOs" and the lanterns. Then today I'm told the Daily Mail (Kent area) did an article on the UFOs over Stratford. Now I'm replying to the papers and Richard & Judy but wanted to first check if you were OK with me giving your name and website - good publicity I thought!! Jim


A quick note to thank you for the prompt despatch of the baby lanterns last week. We launched them at my partner's (and her twin sister's) 40th birthday party last Saturday and they went down a storm. I've included a photo of the twins launching a couple - the children were very impressed too! Rgds, Mark Joyce Leeds

Mark Joyce

Dear Lovely people I would really like to thank you for the lanterns you sent to me for my wedding in September. We couldn't have fireworks as we married at a National Racecourse and there are horses there, the lanterns were a superb alternative and went down fantastically!!! Not only did our wedding make the international press because we had 26 bridesmaids but the lanterns made the local press individually as people thought they were UFO's it was so funny. It was a totally memorable day and your sky lanterns played a major part in that. Thanks Again Amanda


We attended my niece's wedding in Geneva and were pleasantly surprised to be given a lantern to light and release at the end of the evening. They made a lovely sight drifting off into the night sky and a perfect end to the day. Monica Hayward

Monica Hayward

I recently purchased a box of 15 daytime sky lanterns from you. First of all, I must commend you for your extremely quick handling of my order. Secondly, I would like to say how much delight they have brought to me and my friends - any many bemused onlookers. I'm sure you will get more orders from them as well as from me. Metta Mike Austin

Mike Austin

Was in the pub, saw a group of people outside looking like they were holding flame torches! Next thing I know Im joined by nearly half the pub holding a "sky lantern" I've never seen anything like it before and clearly no one else had either! Really fun, next best thing your gonna see to a UFO! James Gardener

James Gardener